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Wow, it's been a long time! 
Well, I haven't posted anything in nearly a year, but I do still come on here to support friends and follow other artists. One of the reasons I haven't posted anything is time, but another is that I need a more professional place to display my art, as I'm almost graduated from college with a major in Studio Art and a minor in Biology. I can't exactly direct employers to my deviantart site, so I'm looking for something better. Also, I never had an especially large following on here, save for people that I know in real life and a few close internet friends. I may still use deviant art for following other artists, as it has the best art archive design that I know of. 

I have a personal tumblr account, but not a specific one for art yet. To be honest I really don't like the layout of tumber. I hate having to scroll aimlessly through everything. It also has terrible archive design. I like the folder layout of DA and still don't understand tags on tumblr. It's too streamlined and confusing as a result. Also it's awful at posting large artworks.

I have discovered a website called Art Station that I use. It is very professional, has good archive design, good following and commenting system, but it's a little too professional for somethings. I intend to use that as a professional portfolio archive site, but still need something else to be a happy medium.

I may end up using tumblr or perhaps instagram to form a following, while using Art Station for professional things. I've been trying to build my own website for an artco-op that I started with some friends a while ago, but that's been a long hard process in the making. If you know of any good art websites I haven't mentioned here, or know of good ways to utilize the ones I've mentioned, please let me know! I feel like my art never really picked up on deviant art and want a fresh start!
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It's been a while. I've been so bust with college and other things that I haven't gotten much time to spend on DA. I have done art over the past semesters, but most of my time has been spent on art for classes.

    This spring I took a figure drawing class and learned a lot! I'll be posting some of the drawings on here, but not any of the ones from actual nude models since I didn't get the consent of the models. For class we had to draw people every day, from life, for an hour. This proved to be really difficult! It became really hard to put in that much time and to find that much inspiration. Usually I sat in the library and drew unsuspecting students. It was good to get in the habit of drawing every day, but it made it nearly impossible for me to do any art outside of class, because for this class I was spending 5 hours of studio, and 7 outside class. In addition to my other 16 hours of classes.

    It's been a hard few semesters. The past two have been two of the hardest I can remember. Next semester I'll be taking less classes, so hopefully I'll have time to actually take care of myself. 

    Some very good news is that I'll be tabling in the artist's alley of NDK (Nan Desu Kan) this year! Sharing the table with me will be :iconcrimson-chains: and :iconheartsxdespise:. We've been working hard to get into the convention and I'm so excited to be there selling my work with my friends for the first time! We will be selling prints, buttons, stickers, and bookmarks. I'm also working on making some of my rose jewelry for the con. I'll post pictures of it eventually XD. 

    Now that I'm home for the summer, with a scanner, I'll be able to post all the art I've been doing these past months. Most of which will be from my class. I'll also post some of the things I'll be selling. 

Let me know if any of you will be at the con! I may include a small discount for my watchers ;)
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TV trope personality test

Mon Sep 8, 2014, 12:21 PM
So I did this test thing from :icongriffsnuff:s page. 

Here's the link to the
and here's the link to the characters with similar personalities:…

I got ENFP
Variant: Turbulent
Role: Diplomat

Here's some of the characters who are ENFP:

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Back from art class!

Wed Jul 9, 2014, 11:09 AM
Hi all. I've been kinda inactive on here recently due to being in an art class for the past month. 
I'll hopefully post some things that I'm proud of from that class soon. We went over a lot of basics, so it was kinda tedious, but I feel like I did learn some things. I don't think I've ever been so busy with a college class though! I spent an average of about 5-6 hours on it. It was an entire semesters worth of work cramped down into one month! D: The best part is I took the class with one of my best friends so that made it all worth while! :)

Because of this class I haven't had barely any time to do personal art. The pokemon challenge had to be put on a temporary hiatus for the month, but it's back going now! There will be an update ready soon. 

I feel like I'm in the middle of a lot of improvement in my art. The art class made me become very critical of the things I'm making. Maybe that could be because I've made so few things lately. It's hard to be critical of your art, but I hope it will help me to improve. 

Another thing that has been limiting me lately is my arm. My left art (which is my dominant arm) has been acting up for some months now. At first it felt like I had a pinched nerve, so I went and got some help and did some stretches and the tingling went away. Now the pain is a bit different. There's a soreness in my lower arm and along the back tendons of my hand. I believe this is similar to repetitive motion sickness. I've been very tense in my shoulder and neck so I think that could be part of the cause. Hopefully it will work itself out soon. I've been trying to rest that arm from a lot of things, but it's hard since it's my dominant arm. It doesn't hurt while I draw luckily, but I'm worried it might start to. I'm a huge worry wort and I've been worrying that it would make me unable to draw in the future. It's so scary to think that one of your favorite things could be taken away from you forever. To boost my confidence and help myself to stop worrying, I've decided that I won't let that happen! If it becomes a bigger problem, I'll go through therapy. If that doesn't work I'll find another way. 
Really the biggest problem now is that the fear of it taking art away permanently has caused me to draw less in fear of damaging my arm more. I need to keep on drawing and improving and not letting my fears beat me. 

So that's some of what's been going on with me lately. I've also started a penpal/art trade with :iconblueeyesneko:! Pen palling is so much fun and I also need to start a penpal/art trade with :iconkalambo: because we've been meaning to do that for years now XD

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How do people do it?

Wed Apr 30, 2014, 11:46 AM
I've been meaning to write a journal about this for a long time. I've been a member of deviant art for 5 years now. I've been drawing all my life and want to share my art with the digital community. I check this website every day, but still get only 10 or less pageviews a day. I have a grand total of 15 active watchers from my last count. No one comments on my work anymore save for a few friends. I've had very cheep commissions available for months now, and not one person has bought one (although that's reasonable based on my few number of pageviews).

I've been seeing many people online (some of which are less skilled than I) who have hundreds of thousands of pageviews after a fraction of the time. I wish I could know what everyone does to get known on this site! I've tried submitting art to groups, but that usually doesn't do much. A few months ago a popular artist drew fan art of one of my characters and it was fantastic! People flooded to my page and I got dozens of new watchers, but still according to my last count, only 15 of my 184 watchers are active. When I check my comments I rarely ever get any from new people, or any at all. 

I just feel like the amount of time I put into this site isn't paying off the way I want it to. I'm not mad at any of my wonderful watchers, and I have several great friends on here who I love. I just feel like I can't be seen no matter how hard I try.

If you have any advice I'd appreciate it a lot! 

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Free adoptables

Mon Apr 28, 2014, 10:13 AM
Just a heads up that the adoptables I made a few weeks ago are now free!
First come first serve. Tell yo friends!

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The Great Pokemon Challenge!

Wed Apr 2, 2014, 11:44 AM
I've been a pokemon fan for as long as I can remember and I think it's finally time that I accept the challenge to draw each and every one of them! This will make it so I also have an excuse to draw every day. I haven't been doing lots of art over the past few weeks and I need to get in the habit of drawing every day I can! I will draw one pokemon every day for the next two and a half years! It's going to be a pretty big project. I may end up drawing two pokemon on one day if I have a day where I have absolutely no time to draw. This weekend I'm going to try and get a sketchbook special for this project, although I may end up doing some digitally. I'll post them in batches at the end of the week.
It'll be a fun and hard adventure to draw them all, but it's something I've always wanted to do! I realized a while ago that I've only ever drawn about 100 out of 718! This realization made me want to draw more of them. You'll hear from me soon!

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Greetings New Watchers!

Thu Mar 6, 2014, 2:39 PM
Today I was amazed to find that one of my favorite artists had done fan art of a character of mine! I'm so excited that she made fan art for me! I'm kind of speechless...  it made my day :')
Here's her drawing of my character Sirkit:
Run by griffsnuff
To make things even better, having a popular artist draw my character has directed lots of new people to my page and I've gained 17 watchers in one day!
That's my record by far! I'm so excited to have more people to share my work with! Having watchers here always encourages me to work harder at my art and share it with the world. Welcome to my page all you lovely new watchers and I hope you enjoy your stay! I'm sure I'll have a great time sharing my work with you!
Feel free to talk to me, I don't bite I promise. I always enjoy hearing from my watchers.

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% like griffsnuff

Sat Jan 25, 2014, 8:44 PM
One of my favorite artists: :icongriffsnuff: made a poll for how similar people are to her. I thought I'd give it a try just for fun :3

1. I have over 20 plants in my room [] (I have 5, but for a tiny dorm room that's a lot)

2. I clean dust of my plants [x] 
3. Im unable to take care of cactus's [] (I love my cactus)
4. I have more than 5 pets that I owe [] (my family has 4, but I don't have any living with me now)
5. I find geology super interesting [x]
6. I love watching documentaries [x] 
7. I watch mlp fim and love the show [] (I like it, but I haven't watched any new episodes)
8. I own a green carpet []
9. I love insects [x] (of course! <3)
10. I sleep forever :C []

So far =4

11. I bring my sketchbook wherever I go [x]
12. I cannot go many days without drawing [x]
13. I usually wear loose clothing [x] (more like sometimes, but I enjoy it when I do)
14. I remember most of my dreams [x]
15. I love watching musicals [x]
16. Blood and gore in movies do not affect me [] (a small effect on me)
17. No movie scares me []
18. I  have watched mama mia the movie more than 5 times []
19. I find fish to be one of the most interesting pets [] (they are cool, but not as interesting as geckos)
20. I can listen to the same song for hours [x]

So far =10

21. I eat my fingers bloody (not nails) :C []
22. I LOVE mushrooms on my pizza [x]
23. I do not like cake or cookies that much []
24. I cannot stand melted icecream [] (I love icecream soup!)
25. Chocolate is my life [x]
26. I love coffee []
27. I hate tea []
28. I cannot eat yoghurt with lumps in them []
29. I love eating raw vegetables [x] (depends on the kind)
30. I LOVE grilled steak (drool) [x]

So far =14

31. My best friend lives in another country [x] (Two that I met on this site do :))
32. I live in my own appartment [] 
33. I have more than 3 jobs []
34. I collect pokemoncards [x]
35. I collect gems and stones [x] (just added a few today!)
36. I do not belong to any religion [x]
37. I watch game of thrones and love it [x]
38. I  love to sort my things [x]
39. I love to throw away stuff [] 
40. I cant work if I am freezing or to warm []

So far =20

41. I love taking long walks in nature [x]
42. I do not read comics or manga [] (whatt! I love that!)
43. I am unable to store food unless I know I eat it in a short period of time [x]
44. There has been days were I have not gone out of bed at all and only watched movies [x]
45. I love singing [x]
46. I like watching my friends play games rather than play them myself []
47. MINECRAFT <3 [x]
48. I have been to more than 5 countries [] (ive been to 4)
49. I like to draw with colored pencils rather than pens/other pencils []
50. I am  usually most creative during nights [x] ( I draw some crazy things when I'm tired)

So far =26

51. I do not like body smells [] (yum pheromones!)
52. I take on to much work often [x]
53. I love designing things [x]
54. I roleplay with my characters []
55. I would live at museums if I could [x]
56. I really enjoyed school/ do enjoy school [x]
57. I love learning new things [x]
58. Theres something about pumpkins that I love [x]
59. My favourite colors are orange,hot pink and teal [x] (Orange and teal mostly)
60. I do not like blue and yellow combined alone [] (i love that)

So far = 33

61. Pet peeve 1: People complaining about something they can easily avoid []
62. Pet peeve 2: Loud people []
63. Pet peeve 3: Repetative sounds when sleeping []
64. Pet peeve 4: Overly sensative people []
65. Pet peeve 5: Opinions getting shoved down my throat [x]
66. Pet peeve 6: People who think I am google []
67. Pet peeve 7: Over praising []
68. Pet peeve 8: Liars. [x]
69. Pet peeve 9: Most children []
70. Pet peeve 10: Food spoiling before date [x]

So far = 36

71. I love laughing [x]
72. I love the sound of bees [x]
73. I love the sound of rain and thunder [x]
74. I LOVE WINDY days [x]
75. I love developed characters with personalities and watching them learn and grow [x] (I don't now, but I bet I'd love it!)
76. I usually wear different socks because im to lazy to find the matching one [x]
77. I love beards []
78. I love touching beards []
79. I love looking at beards []
80. I dance when cleaning [x]

So far = 43

81. I have never cooked potatoes [x]
82. I  have no sleep pattern []
83. Pixel icons are my favorite giftart to receive []
84. I am very talkative around my friends [x]
85. I am not to found of big crowds []
86. I would rather sit inside and watch a movie than go partying [x]
87. I love to travel [x]
88. I love riding buses [] (I usually get lost when I do that)
89. I have tons of folders I sort things into []
90. I can sit a whole day and dig in the dirt for rocks or fossils [x]

So far = 48

91. I sit with my legs crossed most the time []
92. I do not like sports at all [x]
93. Lights make me happy [x]
94. I draw a lot of stars []
95. I rarely use my phone and sometimes it goes days without me checking it []
96. I wear hats almost all the time [x]
97. I love autumn the best []
98. I love doing giftart for people who do not ask for it [x]
99. I love pulling skin off sunburned A LOT [x]
100. My walls are filled with art, and most of it is from other people [x]

1 X'ed answer = 1 present

I am 54% similar to griffsnuff.
Wow, I thought it would be more! I guess lots of these are pretty specific. This was pretty fun though! I like doing things like this. Sometimes I get paranoid about telling the internet everything about myself, but it is kinda fun.

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Commissions available!

Fri Dec 27, 2013, 6:52 PM
I want to try commissions again. It's been a long time. Let's see if I can get any one to go for them. 
I also have scanned all my art from the past few months so be prepared to be swamped with art! 

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Crappy phone photo art!

Tue Oct 22, 2013, 1:50 PM
I've finnally gotten the motivation to post more art on here! The downside is that all of it will be crappy photos that I took with my phone of the art. I tried to edit them on photoshop to make them look as good as possible, I really did! 
They still look pretty awful though... But bad quility photos of art is better than no art at all right? ....... right?
I've gotten my membership back up so hopefully that will encurage me to use the sight more and post more. It would also be great if I had more than 10 active watchers... I guess I coudn't even handle having a lot of watchers right now with college taking up most of my time. The original appeal of posting my art on the internet was to get feedback from others and share it with people who appreciate it. 

Anyway, more art is on the way. My painting class has been going well and soon I'll have some large scale paintings to share with you! :)
Also pokemon X and Y <3 <3 <3 I can't handle how wonderful!

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Hi there everyone! I'm sorry I've been so inactive on here lately. I've been really busy with college. I have been doing some art, but I don't have a scanner any more and it's all traditional. I'm going to take pictures with my phone and upload them that way! The quality will be worse than the scans, but I'll try and spiff things up in photoshop so they don't look to terrible! 
I've been doing some paintings for my class that I would love to post on there when they're done. Sorry about the long trades that mostly still haven't been finished! Some of the trades I still haven't heard back from the other person involved, so I might terminate the trade. I've gotten 3/5 done, and I'd love to finish the others, but I've been so busy and tired lately. 
I've finally been meeting some new friends at school which is a big plus! My classes are going well, but there have been several test recently. I'm also supper bummed that I got myself sick the other day. I napped most of the day today so I hope to get better by monday. I refuse to miss any classes if I can help it! My poor boyfriend is super sick too. He's been sick for most of last week and is a lot worse than I am right now. My family at home has been sick as well! Argh it's no fun for any one to be sick, least a lot of people you love! I really hope we can all get back to our usual selves soon!

Many of you might have heard of the colorado floods a few weeks ago. It was the most amazing thing! The roads were rivers, and the rivers were the wrath of Poseidon! It was amazing and exciting! we usually get less than a foot of rain a year, and suddenly we get more than that in a day! There is a down side to all the excitement, because a lot of property and a few lives were destroyed. My basement at home is currently carpet less, same with my boyfriends house. School was canceled for several days because of matenance. I'm alright though, and apart from being a little soggy, the rest of Boulder is too. 

Hope you're all doing well! 
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Off to College!

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 24, 2013, 7:55 AM

This Thursday I moved into my new college dorm. I'm so excited to be here! This is the most excited I've ever been to start school. It's wonderful to be living in my own space (with my room mate). It just feels so good to have new found freedom. It's like summer camp that goes on all year! I'm so excited to learn new things and meet new people! :) Classes start on monday. I'm taking a large class load, but I'm still excited for it! I've met some cool people so far, but I'll miss all my old friends who are riding off into the sunset! I'll try hard to keep in touch with every one. It's great to be living in town for the first time! I can now walk to the store if I want! This has never happened! :la: My entire life I've lived 15 min or more outside of town so I've never been able to just go where I want just for the hell of it! 

Also, I've made a new blog about my adventures in college! I'll try and post about interesting things. Hopefully I'll get into writing some comics about my college life too :)

Hope you all are having a lovely time! :3

seriously though, one of the best anime I've watched since FMA brotherhood!

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Character Art Trade round II [CLOSED]

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 15, 2013, 12:25 PM

Because the last character art trade went so well, I've decided to do another and I'm opening some more slots! :la:

Same rules as the last one generally. First come, first serve. Send me a link to what character of yours you would like me to draw and what character of mine you will draw for me. The character should be something you created. I'll only draw one character pr person. 

Here's a list of my characters I would like to have drawn:
Iko: Iko sktech by Om-nom-nomnivore Iko by Om-nom-nomnivore
Glyph: Glyph by Om-nom-nomnivore
Sanura:  Sanura by Om-nom-nomnivore
Sousket:  Sousket by Om-nom-nomnivore Sousket profile by Om-nom-nomnivore Sousket dragon form by Om-nom-nomnivore
Spider-dog: Spider-dog by Om-nom-nomnivore

1: :iconkarribou:
2: :iconhumming-fly:
3: :iconalessandrovene:
4: :iconslightlywinged:

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The Wacom Rises!!!

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 4, 2013, 5:10 PM

My tablet is back from the dead!!!!! :D This means I can now edit all my scanned work in addition to drawing digital art!!! <3
I was kinda hoping to end up getting a new tablet, but for now I'm glad to have my old one back! If it turns out I need a better one for college, i might get one in the future. I'm so glad to have it back though! Ahhhhhhh yay! It's so nice to have a working mouse and pen! <3

Turns out it was mostly a problem with the cord. My dad magically had a spare that he let me use! <3 Also dad helped me reinstal the driver. It didn't work at all when I tried to do it myself, but then dad came over, I did the exact same things I tried before and POOF!!! It worked. We decided that he intimidates the computers into working. He is a computer wizard after all.

Thanks to my dad, and my tablet rising from the dead, I'M GOING TO FLOOD YOUR INBOXES WITH ART WORK MWAHAHAHA! It's all been piling up over the last month, but this day you will get all the art! >:)

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My poor tablet

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 1, 2013, 12:49 PM

My wacom tablet hasn't been behaving lately. First it was only the pen pressure that wasn't working when i was trying to draw in photoshop. I tried unplugging it, restarting my computer, and downloading the newest driver for it. It is a wacom intuos 4 and after I did all those things trying to fix it, it only made things worse. Right now the mouse doesn't even work the way I want it to. The other day it wouldn't even recognize the mouse was there, but now it recognizes it, but the sensitivity is off and it refuses to switch to left handed mode. If any one knows what I could do please tell me. I have the driver installed, but my computer fails to recognize it I think. Right now I don't even know if this is a problem with my tablet, computer, or the driver.

If the tablet is busted beyond repair, I'd like to know if any one has some suggestions as to a good kind of tablet to purchase. I've been thinking about getting a new one for college, since I'm possibly going to major in art. Right now I'm comparing the wacom intuos 5 m with the bamboo create.

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Character art trade! [closed]

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 27, 2013, 12:10 PM

Lately, I've had few ideas of things to draw. I've been in a bit of an art slump. Normally over the summer I draw tons of stuff, but lately I haven't had many ideas. In order to prompt myself to draw more, I'm purposing a character art trade! There will only be a few slots open for now.

All you have to do to participate in the trade is draw one of my characters and in return I will draw one of yours! (If you don't have any characters, I can draw some other creature for you). Please let me know if you are interested so I can reserve a slot for you!

Please choose one of the following characters of mine to draw:
Iko: Iko sktech by Om-nom-nomnivore Iko by Om-nom-nomnivore
Glyph: Glyph by Om-nom-nomnivore
Serkit: Cat and mouse by Om-nom-nomnivore
Sousket: Sousket by Om-nom-nomnivore Sousket profile by Om-nom-nomnivore Sousket dragon form by Om-nom-nomnivore
Spider-dog: Spider-dog by Om-nom-nomnivore

1. :iconzoldyckhunter-18:
2. :iconblueeyesneko:
3. :iconrenaryuuguu674:
4. :iconrisha:

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Off to Costa Rica!

Sat Jun 1, 2013, 6:16 PM
It is time for me to go off on my adventure to Costa Rica! Tomorrow morning I'm leaving for a tour of Costa Rica with some other students from my school ( well, I guess it's not my school any more, since I graduated, but I still consider it a home). I'll have to wake up frighteningly early, which I'm not excited for... ;-; but it will be worth it!

I'm excited to see that I've gotten several new watchers lately, which always makes me really happy. <3  hello to you if you are reading this! But I'm sorry to say that I won't be able to post any art while I'm away on my trip. I'll have plenty of art to puts once I return though! Also, my poor laptop is out of commission at the moment. His charger is broken, and he needs that for energy, so he's taking a nap for now. A new charger is in the mail, so once that arrives he'll have plenty of juice to fuel his energy again! So, that's another reason why I can't post art right now. I have some fun poke fusions I want to post! So get ready for that when I return! >:3

But for now, it's adventure time!!! See you all in a week!

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About time to take it down.

Sat May 11, 2013, 2:23 PM
Several years ago I was just starting to get into the anime world. A lot of things were very new to me including yaoi. Many of my friends and I decided it was gross because basically, it was new and therefor weird. I decided to make a stamp here on deviant saying "I'm allergic to yaoi"…. This stamp quickly became popular and currently has the most comments and favorites of ANYTHING in my entire gallery.

Since then, me and my friends have obviously matured a lot. Many of my friends who originally despised yaoi started to read it themselves. I have met many nice people who are homosexual and have absolutely noting against any of it. I simply didn't understand it when I was younger. I then edited the stamp's comments, saying that I now had nothing against any homosexuality, but only against when people depict two heterosexual characters together romantically in fan yaoi art or writing. But now, I've realized that I don't even believe in that any more. I'm perfectly fine with people shipping and or drawing whatever they want! I used to think that it offended the original story and creators, but that's up to them weather they're offended by it, not mine. There will always be ships that i don't agree with, and ships that I do. The genders of the characters in the pairings should make no difference!

Lately, this stamp that I posted years ago is still getting favorites and comments. Some of them are people saying that they agree with the stamp, and others hating on the stamp. I'm shocked that after years in my gallery, this stamp still gets new comments. With every comment I've been writing to people about the change in my views, but I'm now just tired of this stamp existing at all. Not only is it a symbol of my ignorance as a young teen, but others use it on their pages to spread the ignorance. If people don't like yaoi, then they still shouldn't be hating on others for it. People can choose what to like or dislike, that's perfectly fine. I just don't want people to be using my stamp for a view I no-longer support. There are a lot of hateful anti-yaoi stamps out there, and I don't want mine to be one of them which is why I'm removing this stamp!

The only reason I've kept this stamp around for so long is because it is the most popular thing in my entire gallery. Out of my 372 works, this simple stamp with views I don't agree with is the most popular... I've always been kind of offended by that. I kept it around because it did give me more page views and favorites, but I'm fed up with that now!

I want to get rid of this stamp, but I think rather than deleting it, I'll replace it with something else.

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Late with posting

Thu May 9, 2013, 3:42 PM
So this month I'm going to be late with posting art from April and May. I'm getting close to the end of the year, so I'm busy with finals. After all that's taken care of, I'll post lots of things! Then I'll be out of school for the summer which means much more time to draw! :la:

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